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How can I transport cornices?
Cornices are fragile & must be supported along the whole length during transport. You will need a rigid plank. A good size plank is 200mm wide x 40mm thick & the same length as the cornices you are picking up. They are not packed in plastic or cardboard. You will need rope/straps & packing tape to secure your load. PLEASE MEASURE YOUR VEHICLE TO SEE IF YOUR CORNICE WILL FIT INSIDE OR WILL NEED TO BE CARRIED ON ROOF RACKS. If you wish to cut your cornice to fit in your vehicle please bring a saw & tape measure with you otherwise you may experience long waiting times for pick up. Please phone prior to pick up if any of this is unclear.
In what lengths are the cornices made?
Our cornices are made in four standard length sizes. They are 3.6m, 4.2m or 4.8m unless otherwise indicated as on the price list.
How are the cornices installed?
Cornices are first cut to length in a mitre box then glued with a plaster adhesive compound called Cornice Cement. If they are a large profile or are being installed onto a painted surface they may also require fixing screws through the cornice into the timber batons above the ceiling. It is best to use a qualified Fibrous Plasterer for this job as cutting & joining the mitres & pattern matching can be complicated.
How are Ceiling Roses installed?
For larger Roses & fixing to a painted surface, they will need to be glued & screwed into the timber batons above your ceiling. Smaller Roses (under 400 mm in diameter) can be glued using Cornice Cement only if fixing to new plasterboard. Light fittings must not be attached only to the rose. They must properly fixed to timber batons in your ceiling.
Do you carry stock of all your products or are they only made to order?
Although we do our best to keep stock of cornices, some of our more popular designs may need to be ordered due to high demand. Manufacture times are usually between 1-3 weeks from time of order. We usually always have stock of Roses, Strips & vents. Ceiling Panels & arches are made to order only.
Is there a minimum order?
There is a minimum order surcharge of $88 inc gst for orders under 4 lengths of each cornice type.