Decorative and ornamental ceiling panels, mouldings and more

The decorative plaster ceiling panel to suit your style

Decorative plaster ceiling panels feature in so many of Australia's best and most envied homes. Imagine replacing your run-down traditional ceiling plaster work, or redecorating your interiors to evoke traditional styling, or even a completely fresh installation in your newly built home. Plaster ceiling panels from Silver Cornices always add a frame of texture and interest – the final touch in composing a beautiful room.

Your taste in ceiling panel style and design

The Silver Cornices range of ceiling decorations and plaster panels means you will see your interior decoration ideas come to life. It can start with simply selecting the overall concept that matches your home. Our wide range gives you choices from native Australian flora and bird life to traditional flower designs to calling back to the decorative forms of the classical world.

Choose from:

Each style offers a range of complementary accessories and extras, including plaster strips and corner straps. Match them to your ceiling panels singly or in series to embellish, extend and enrich the texture of your ceiling panels and visually break up bare expanses of ceiling.

Meanwhile, using cornices and corner straps adds visual interest to the defining proportions of your room.

Decorative and functional panels

While some people see the visual interest, cohesion and heritage touch ceiling panels bring to a room as purely decorative, they also serve an important function in covering and disguising unsightly:

  • light fixture housings
  • building seams
  • vents and utility service lines
  • discolourations and other marks.

Surprising results

Your home is your retreat, a beautiful place where you can relax in the elegance and luxury of your own taste. Installing plaster ceiling panels and accessories is the capstone of a truly cohesive interior design.

With Silver Cornices you can transform or restore your entire ceiling into a statement with:

Plus, as you can paint them any colour, they can form a restrained textural addition or a feature showpiece.

Click through to view the Silver Cornices range and imagine your new ceiling. Or simply call 02 9638 7121 – friendly experts are already waiting to help.

Prices are per panel & are inclusive of GST.