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Plaster Cornices

Decorative Plaster Cornices

Our plaster cornices are priced per meter and include GST.   Length sizes made are 3.6m, 4.2m, 4.8m.

**Allow 15% extra when ordering to allow for any variations that may arise during installation. This will often save you valuable time and money.
** Orders for 4 lengths or less have a surcharge of $88 per cornice code.

Cornices have 2 measurements. They are measured by how far from the corner of the wall/ceiling junction they project on to the ceiling & drop down the wall. The first dimension is how far the cornice projects on to the ceiling. The second dimension is how far the cornice drops down the wall.

The best plaster cornices for you and your home.

Decorative cornices – the mouldings that smooth the transition between walls and other vertical features and the ceiling of a room – are often regarded as one of those traditional finishing touches that's hidden in plain sight. Perhaps not a stand out feature, but one that softens corners and adds visual texture. No longer.

Nowadays, as more people rediscover the aesthetic and functional benefits of cornices, more and more interior design concepts incorporate cornices for their unique styling benefits.

Simply, a cornice is a special touch that completes the interior decoration of a room – they add a value and elegance to your home that lasts a lifetime.

Cornice profiles – an Australian-made range.

As a proudly Australian company founded in 1946, Silver Cornices is a family business that has been manufacturing quality plaster work from local raw materials for more than 70 years. The secret to our success is quality craftsmanship and a dedication to giving customers like you exactly what they need.

As architectural styles have changed and evolved, our range of cornice profiles has evolved too. Yet across the decades, we have also maintained our capability to custom-make cornices to any style.

This means the repairs and extensions of your existing cornices can be made with exact reproductions of the originals; further, it means we can also create something truly new and unique to match your vision.

Find just the right style with our range of cornice profiles

The huge Silver Cornices range includes more than 100 standard cornice profiles. It means there's a good chance the ideal cornice style for your home is already available. Our ranges include the always popular Georgian and Victorian styles that hark back to classic European architecture of the 18th Century and the Federation of Australia. Beyond these popular styles, we manufacture cornices that suit every interior decoration approach, including:

  • Ornate
  • Geometric
  • Minimalist
  • Modern
  • Mediterranean
  • Classical

Each style has complementary products, including ceiling panels, vents, roses, bosses and plaster strips.

The finishing touch

Hundreds of satisfied customers already enjoy Silver Cornices plaster work in their home. They know quality, taste and attention to detail makes all the difference when it comes to the aesthetic harmony of their rooms.


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